Life flowing out of my hands, akin sand grains
Slowly sifting through my fingers, from clefts in between
Vapors on leaves,breathing on my fingers,
Escaping my tips,marrying slumber wind
O sweet beloved,are you too reasoning,fragility of this life?
Is life nothing, but a brief dream,is it right?
We often take for granted the moments that spend together
And at other times,waiting apt moments to revamp ourselves altogether
At the brink here,my poor soul finds,to highly utter dismal
No such like as the right moment indeed
Let’s do,my beloved, what there is to be done
Might to you,your last moment could it be
No time and room for the flowers to blossom
No time left indeed to quench thirst with full motion
Touch your feet on the morning dew lush leaves,
Close your eyes to feel this angelic emotion
Your feet touching grass and sensations filling the void
Your eyes keeping close and wind kissing your sweet cheek
Strip yourself naked in the outside dear this day
Lose your hue,vanity pride and dignity
Emptied thyself with each emotion today
For now let’s probe,what’s exactly left behind
Dance with the songs, when wind whispers in your ear
Please let it touch,as the melodious songs going
Curving its arms and dis burdening every emotion
Do you see my beloved, you fading into oblivion
Dumbfounded you are, as you met this epiphany
It’s mere this moment, which is with me?
Why do we contain hate,hate for transitory?
Does rain disputes with the sun to come?
For which to take turn when the time to come
Clearly evidently they consent on their roles
Then why we as human don’t let go off this absurd debate
And play our roles,for which we have had been made,
Let’s sing songs for the wanderer tonight, and let him choose the path in appalling jeopardy
Let’s sit together with hands in hands,and let everyone listens to this astounding subtlety
For is it in our control to spend the assets and buy beauty in return?
For is it in our domain to give away love and be fulfilled in return?
Whoop it up with your warm fulfilling emotions,my dear dear beloved
And let it all go with your saddened desiring heart,my dear dear beloved
For this is what life is!
For this is what life is!